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wordpress Installation

WordPress is most used and very user friendly CMS(Content Management System). initially it was built for blog and now it is widely used for website development, wordpress easy to install, upload content and media, very SEO friendly  easily index in all major search engines.

today i will walk you through wordpress installation on windows, for install on windows you require WAMP or XAMPP which will give you webserver on local machine.

step: 1 

Download latest wordpress package from this link : http://wordpress.org/download/

extract the downloaded zip to www root folder in wamp or htdocs folder for xampp

step: 2

create a database using phpmyadmin  on machine with desired name assume as wordpress

once DB created open your wordpress folder in browser ex: http://localhost/wordpress

configuration wizard will open fill the details as per below pic


step: 3 

now fill site details and admin username and password uncheck indexing on search engines  submit, that’s it your installation wordpress done,


step: 4 


now open http://localhost/wordpress/ with default theme your wordpress will open for backend ad wp-admin to your url login with details filled when you configured .


hope this article helped you to install wordpress on your PC, highly appreciate your feedback .